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Kid Print Solutions
Exclusive Provider of the
ForensicPrint Child ID Software
2,000 Children Will Be Reported Missing Today!!!
Thats One Missing Child Every 40 Seconds!!!
Since 2004, Kid Print Solutions has been supporting law enforcement agencies
nationwide by providing a complete line of resources for child safety; We are the
exclusive provider of the
ForensicPrint Child ID line of products.
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The extraordinary quality of the ForensicPrint Child IDs, technology, paper products,
service and experience sets us apart as the most comprehensive child  identification
company in the industry.
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The Benefits of Using ForensicPrint Child Software and Kits.

  • It speeds up the process of investigation and recovery of the child.  
  • It takes away the pain of gathering information that is not easily accessible.
  • It provides complete serenity and the assurance that all the critical.
    information about the child is readily available in one place.
  • The Child ID Kits are kept by parents or guardians in case of an emergency.
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ForensicPrint Child ID Software
ForensicPrint Child ID Kits
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The ForensicPrint Child ID Software brings
together the latest in cutting edge
technology and child Safety.
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The ForensicPrint custom Child ID Kits
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