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Child ID Program
Kid Print Solutions
"The Child ID Experts"
From the minds of QEnsics the ForensicPrint Child ID Program was designed to
be a powerful, easy to use, flexible, conveniently portable, and affordable Child ID
system that enables your organization to quickly and easily capture all of a child’s
demographic information;

The extraordinary quality of our ForensicPrint Child ID's plus the technology, paper
products, service and experience sets us apart as the most comprehensive child  
identification company in the industry.
Copyright 2005 Kid Print Solutions, All Rights Reserved Child ID Kits
Integrated intelligent fingerprint auto-capture
We have integrated quality check intelligence for image quality and performance. An
algorithm analyze the fingerprint friction skin  to ensure that only quality prints are
captured every time. User has the option to either have the system auto-capture or
manually capture fingerprints
The ForensicPrint Child ID System will
enable your organization to create a
complete child ID, all of which are then
saved directly to any CD-R and/or printed
using any standard printer, all of which
stays in complete control of the parent or
.Easy to use and simple user interface.
It is based on Microsoft Windows
software platform with simplified user
interface which makes it easy to enter
the child demographics, photograph
and fingerprints. Easy to use, easy to
learn, point and click system requires
Your organization logo on
Capture All 10 forensic quality fingerprints
Capture Photograph
Capture Child Video Clip
Capture Child's Demographic Information
Easy to Use User Interface
Fingerprint Auto-capture for Fast Capture
Process each Child in 3-5 Minutes
Create Child ID report
Uses any standard printer
Burn all information onto any CD-R
No Database is collected
All Information Collected is Deleed