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Kid Print Solutions
"The Child ID Expert"
The Child ID Program Overview
Kid Prints digitally fingerprint and photograph the children whose parents wish
them to participate. Because our system is computerized, there is no messy
ink to clean up.  Every package is created professionally and confidentially.
Kid Prints Digital ID is offered at no cost or obligation to the participating
school, this is a parent option program. Kid Prints charges a small fee to the
parents for this valuable service.
2,000 Children Will Be Reported Missing Today!!!
Thats One Missing Child Every 40 Seconds!!!
Each Child ID Package Will Contain:
● One ForensicPrint Child ID CD

● Two Laminated Wallet Identification Cards
ForensicPrint ID Profile, PDF
 DNA Self-Collection Kit, PDF
 Dental Chart, PDF
 (To be completed by child's Dentist)
Full Color Digital Photo!!
Right Thumbprint on Back of ID Card
Physical Information Including Height,  
Weight, Eye Color, and Hair.